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Cleric Villager

Updated: Aug 11


In the diverse world of Minecraft, villagers of various professions form the backbone of village life. Among these professions, the Cleric stands out due to their unique trades, particularly involving rare and magical items.

In this in-depth guide, we'll explore the role of the Cleric villager, how to identify and create one, their noteworthy trades, the benefits of leveling them up, and strategies for optimizing your interactions with them. Understanding these elements will enable you to utilize Clerics effectively, enhancing your Minecraft experience.

Understanding the Role of the Cleric Villager

The Cleric is a unique profession in Minecraft's roster of villagers. Recognizable by their purple robes, Clerics play an integral role in a village's life, contributing with their distinctive trades.

Unlike other villagers who deal with physical goods and commodities, Clerics trade in the magical and the rare. They trade items like redstone, lapis lazuli, ender pearls, and even enchanted items. This ability to trade for otherwise hard-to-obtain items makes Clerics a valuable addition to any Minecraft village.

How to Identify and Create a Cleric Villager

A Cleric villager is easily identifiable by their purple robes. However, creating a Cleric villager requires a bit more effort. Villagers adopt professions based on the job site blocks they can claim. For a villager to become a Cleric, they must claim a brewing stand as their job site block.

To create a Cleric, place a brewing stand near an unemployed villager, and they'll adopt the profession. The brewing stand should be easily accessible and within a reasonable distance from the villager for the process to be successful.

Noteworthy Trades of the Cleric Villager

Clerics offer several unique trades that set them apart from other villagers. From the Novice level, they offer to buy rotten flesh, a common mob drop that otherwise doesn't have much use. They also sell redstone, a critical component for various redstone contraptions.

As they level up, Clerics start selling lapis lazuli, glowstone, ender pearls, and bottles o' enchanting. They also buy gold ingots and rabbit's foot. The ability to trade for these items, particularly ender pearls, is a significant advantage, especially in preparing for the game's final challenges.

Leveling Up a Cleric Villager: Trade Options and Benefits

Leveling up a Cleric villager unlocks new and better trades. Just like other villagers, Clerics level up when players repeatedly trade with them. Each trade provides experience to the villager, and accumulating enough experience levels them up.

At higher levels, Clerics offer to trade enchanted items, making them an excellent source for these otherwise hard-to-obtain items. The Master-level Cleric, for instance, sells a name tag, an item that can't be crafted and is usually found in dungeon chests.

Strategies for Optimizing Your Interaction with Cleric Villagers

Having a Cleric in your village is beneficial due to their unique trades. To optimize your interaction with them, always keep a stash of the items they buy, like rotten flesh and gold ingots.

Ensure that the Cleric has an accessible bed and workstation to keep them in your village and enable them to refresh their trades. If you plan to do a lot of trading with a Cleric, consider creating a designated trading area for easy access.


The Cleric Villager in Minecraft offers players a unique trading experience with their array of magical and rare items. By understanding the Cleric's role, identifying and creating one, and learning how to level them up, you can make the most of their unique trades. Whether it's turning unwanted rotten flesh into valuable emeralds, buying that crucial ender pearl, or purchasing enchanted items, the Cleric can add a wealth of opportunities to your Minecraft journey. Happy trading!

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