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Minecraft Ocelot

Updated: Apr 11


Brief overview of The animal

Ocelots are elusive and agile passive mobs found in Minecraft. They're known for their beautiful spotted coats and their ability to scare off Creepers.



Ocelots have a distinctive yellow-orange coat covered with dark spots, resembling real-life ocelots. They have bright green eyes and a slender body.


Ocelots are skittish and will flee from players if approached too quickly. However, if approached slowly and cautiously, they can be tamed.


Ocelots make various sounds, including meows, hisses, and purring, which can help players identify their presence.

A Minecraft ocelot perched on a tree branch, observing its surroundings with bright green eyes.

Where to find it

Natural habitats

Ocelots can be found in jungle biomes, wandering around and climbing trees.


Ocelots spawn primarily in jungle biomes, where they blend in with the dense vegetation.

Taming and breeding

Requirements for taming

To tame an ocelot, players must slowly approach it with raw fish in hand. When the ocelot begins to approach the player, they should remain still and wait for the ocelot to come close enough to be fed.

Breeding process

Tamed ocelots can be bred using raw fish. When two tamed ocelots are fed, they will enter "love mode" and produce a baby ocelot.

Baby animals

Baby ocelots are smaller versions of adult ocelots and will grow into adults after gaining experience through time or by being fed raw fish.


Types of food

Ocelots can be fed raw fish, which is used to tame them or breed tamed ocelots.


Building a shelter

To provide a proper shelter for ocelots, players can build a fenced-off area with plenty of trees and foliage, creating a jungle-like environment.

Keeping animal safe from threats

Ocelots are passive and will flee from any threat, so it's crucial to keep hostile mobs away from their shelter. Lighting the area with torches and building a fence around their habitat can help keep them safe.

Ensuring animals' well-being

Players should ensure that their ocelots have enough space to roam and climb trees while providing a constant supply of raw fish for taming and breeding purposes.


Ocelots are valuable companions in the Minecraft world, as they can scare off Creepers, protecting players from potential danger.

Unique features

The unique feature of ocelots is their ability to scare away Creepers, making them an essential ally in protecting players and their structures from Creeper explosions.


Ocelots are an intriguing and valuable addition to the Minecraft world. Their distinctive appearance, ability to scare off Creepers, and the challenge of taming them make them an enjoyable and beneficial mob for players to interact with.

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