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Minecraft Server Businesscraft Commands

Updated: Aug 11


Welcome to the exciting world of BusinessCraft, a unique Minecraft server that combines the best aspects of the game with an engaging economic simulation. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep into the realm of BusinessCraft commands and explore the various aspects that make this server a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you're new to Minecraft or an experienced player looking for a fresh challenge, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and tips to make the most of your BusinessCraft adventure. We'll cover essential commands for new players, advanced commands for mastering the in-game economy, collaboration techniques for businesses and organizations, and troubleshooting tips for common issues. So, let's jump right in and begin your BusinessCraft journey!

Understanding BusinessCraft: A Unique Minecraft Server Experience

BusinessCraft is an innovative Minecraft server that offers players an engaging and immersive environment focused on entrepreneurship, economics, and collaboration. This server goes beyond traditional Minecraft gameplay by introducing a complex and dynamic economy, which allows players to create businesses, trade resources, and compete in a challenging marketplace.

In BusinessCraft, players can choose from various professions and roles, each with its unique set of commands and responsibilities. These roles range from resource gathering to manufacturing and service provision, allowing players to contribute to the server's economy in diverse ways. Additionally, the server features an in-depth government system, complete with elections, taxes, and laws that directly impact the gameplay.

The BusinessCraft economy is driven by the interaction between supply and demand, making it crucial for players to understand the market dynamics and adapt their strategies accordingly. To facilitate this, the server offers a comprehensive set of commands that enable players to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively. From tracking inventory to handling financial transactions, these commands are designed to provide a realistic and engaging business simulation experience.

A group of Minecraft players collaborating on a business project in BusinessCraft.

Getting Started: Essential BusinessCraft Commands for New Players

As a new player in BusinessCraft, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the essential commands that will help you navigate the server and participate in its economy. This section will cover the basic commands every player should know to get started on their BusinessCraft journey.

Joining the Server and Choosing a Profession

To join the BusinessCraft server, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft and ensure you're using the correct version compatible with the server.

  2. Click on "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server."

  3. Enter the server's address and click "Done."

Upon joining the server, you'll be prompted to choose a profession. Use the /jobs command to view available professions and the /jobs join [jobname] command to select your desired profession.

Navigating the BusinessCraft World

Here are some essential commands to help you navigate the BusinessCraft world:

  • /spawn: Teleports you to the server's spawn point.

  • /tpa [playername]: Requests to teleport to another player's location.

  • /sethome: Sets your current location as your home.

  • /home: Teleports you to your set home location.

Participating in the Economy

To begin participating in the BusinessCraft economy, use these essential commands:

  • /balance: Displays your current balance.

  • /pay [playername] [amount]: Sends money to another player.

  • /worth: Shows the value of the item you're holding.

For more advanced commands, refer to the next section.

Advanced BusinessCraft Commands: Mastering the In-Game Economy

To become a successful entrepreneur in BusinessCraft, you need to master the advanced commands that help you manage your business and interact with the in-game economy. This section will cover essential commands for managing your resources, trading with other players, and keeping track of your finances.

Resource Management

Proper resource management is crucial for your business's success in BusinessCraft. These commands will help you manage your resources effectively:

  • /chestshop: Provides information on how to create, use, and remove ChestShops.

  • /chestshop create [item] [amount] [price]: Creates a ChestShop to buy or sell a specified item.

  • /chestshop remove: Removes an existing ChestShop.

Trading and Market Interaction

Understanding the market and trading with other players is vital to your BusinessCraft experience. Use these commands to interact with the market and other players:

  • /market: Opens the server's market interface, allowing you to browse items for sale, manage your listings, and track your orders.

  • /market create [item] [amount] [price]: Lists an item for sale on the market.

  • /market cancel [listingID]: Cancels a listing on the market.

  • /trade [playername]: Sends a trade request to another player.

Financial Management and Tracking

Managing your finances is a critical aspect of running a successful business in BusinessCraft. These commands will help you keep track of your financial transactions:

  • /money log: Displays your recent financial transactions.

  • /money top: Shows the server's wealthiest players.

  • /money rank: Displays your current rank based on your balance.

Collaborating with Others: Commands for Businesses and Organizations

BusinessCraft encourages collaboration and teamwork by allowing players to create businesses and organizations. This section will cover the commands you need to know to create, manage, and participate in these collaborative ventures.

Creating and Managing a Business

To create a business, use the following commands:

  • /business create [businessname]: Creates a new business with the specified name.

  • /business invite [playername]: Invites a player to join your business.

  • /business kick [playername]: Removes a player from your business.

To manage your business, use these commands:

  • /business info: Displays information about your business.

  • /business sethome: Sets the home location for your business.

  • /business home: Teleports you to your business's home location.

Creating and Managing Organizations

Organizations are another form of collaboration in BusinessCraft, such as political parties or social clubs. Use these commands to create and manage organizations:

  • /org create [orgname]: Creates a new organization with the specified name.

  • /org invite [playername]: Invites a player to join your organization.

  • /org kick [playername]: Removes a player from your organization.

To manage your organization, use these commands:

  • /org info: Displays information about your organization.

  • /org sethome: Sets the home location for your organization.

  • /org home: Teleports you to your organization's home location.

Troubleshooting and Support: Common Issues and Solutions

Inevitably, you may encounter some issues while playing on the BusinessCraft server. This section will provide solutions to common problems and guidance on how to seek additional support.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Connection Issues: Ensure you're using the correct version of Minecraft compatible with the server, and double-check the server address.

  • Lost Items: Use the /helpop command to contact a staff member for assistance.

  • Command Errors: Double-check your command syntax and refer to the server's documentation for the correct usage.

Seeking Support and Reporting Issues

If you encounter problems that you cannot resolve on your own, it's essential to seek support from the BusinessCraft community and staff members. Here are some ways to find help and report issues:

  • In-Game Help: Use the /help command to access the server's help menu, which contains a list of commands and useful information.

  • Contacting Staff: Use the /helpop [message] command to send a message directly to the server staff, who can assist you with your issue.

  • Forums and Discord: The BusinessCraft community often maintains forums and Discord servers, which can be excellent sources of information and support. Join these platforms to ask questions, share tips, and engage with fellow players.


The BusinessCraft server offers a unique and engaging experience for Minecraft players, combining the best aspects of the game with a realistic and immersive economic simulation. By mastering the essential and advanced commands, collaborating with other players, and understanding the server's mechanics, you can excel in this challenging and rewarding environment.

In this guide, we've covered everything from getting started with BusinessCraft to mastering the in-game economy, collaborating with others, and troubleshooting common issues. With these insights and tips, you're now well-equipped to embark on your BusinessCraft adventure and make the most of this unique Minecraft experience. So, gather your resources, build your empire, and join the thriving BusinessCraft community today!

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