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Minecraft Strider

Updated: Apr 11


Brief overview of The Strider

The Strider is a unique passive mob found in Minecraft's Nether dimension. They provide a useful means of transportation across lava lakes.



Striders are tall, slender creatures with long legs and a slightly hunched posture. They have a reddish-pink color, with blue eyes and two antennae-like appendages on their heads.


Striders are passive and non-aggressive mobs, only becoming hostile if attacked. They are immune to fire and lava and can walk on lava, making them ideal for traversing the Nether's hazardous terrain.


Striders make various sounds, including a high-pitched squeak when walking on lava, and a lower-pitched sound when idle or walking on land.

A Strider effortlessly walking on lava in the Nether, ready for a player to ride.

Where to find it

Natural habitats

Striders spawn in the Nether, specifically around lava lakes.


Striders can be found in any Nether biome, as long as there is lava nearby for them to spawn.

Taming and breeding

Requirements for taming

To ride a Strider, players must equip it with a saddle and use a warped fungus on a stick to control its movement.

Breeding process

Striders can be bred using warped fungus. When two Striders are fed warped fungus, they will breed and produce a baby Strider.

Baby animals

Baby Striders have a smaller, cuter appearance compared to their adult counterparts and will grow up into adult Striders over time.


Types of food

Striders can be fed warped fungus, which is used for both taming and breeding.


Building a shelter

Striders do not require a shelter, as they naturally inhabit the dangerous environment of the Nether.

Keeping animal safe from threats

While Striders are immune to fire and lava, players should protect them from other hostile Nether mobs, such as Ghasts or Piglins, to ensure their safety.

Ensuring animals' well-being

Striders do not require any special care or attention from players, as they are designed to survive in the harsh Nether environment.


Striders are primarily used as a means of transportation across lava lakes in the Nether, making exploration and resource gathering more efficient and safer.

Unique features

Striders' ability to walk on lava and their immunity to fire make them stand out among other Minecraft mobs and provide unique gameplay opportunities in the Nether.


Striders are a valuable addition to Minecraft, offering players an efficient and exciting way to traverse the treacherous Nether landscape while showcasing the game's diverse range of creatures.

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