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Minecraft Underwater Temple

Updated: Aug 11


Among the many adventures awaiting players in the world of Minecraft, exploring an Underwater Temple, also known as the Ocean Monument, stands out as a unique and thrilling challenge. Nestled deep beneath the ocean surface, these ancient structures are guarded by fearsome sea creatures and present a labyrinthine exploration experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the depths of Minecraft's Ocean Monuments. We'll explore their intriguing features, how to locate them, navigate their challenges, discover the treasures within, and strategize for successful exploration. So, prepare your best swimming gear and let's dive into the deep end!

An Introduction to the Underwater Temple (Ocean Monument)

Underwater Temples, or Ocean Monuments, are rare underwater structures found in Deep Ocean biomes. Constructed from various types of prismarine, sea lanterns, and dark prismarine, these structures are guarded by hostile sea creatures known as Guardians and the more formidable Elder Guardians.

The Ocean Monument consists of a large central structure flanked by two wings. It features a complex internal structure filled with 23 compartments, each housing its unique configuration of rooms and enemies.

Locating an Underwater Temple in Minecraft

Finding an Underwater Temple can be a challenging task as they are located deep in the ocean. However, their unique and distinctive structure made of prismarine blocks, glowing with sea lanterns, makes them stand out in the deep waters.

One effective method for locating an Ocean Monument is using the ‘/locate’ command in the game, which gives you the exact coordinates of the nearest Ocean Monument. However, using this command requires operator level game permissions.

Navigating the Challenges of the Underwater Temple

The primary challenge in an Ocean Monument is the hostile Guardians and Elder Guardians. These creatures will attack players on sight with a damaging laser-like beam. Additionally, Elder Guardians periodically inflict a status effect called 'Mining Fatigue III' on players within a 50-block radius, significantly slowing down their ability to break blocks.

The interior of the Ocean Monument is a confusing labyrinth of corridors, chambers, and pillars, requiring careful navigation to avoid getting lost. Torches and markers can help players trace their path and prevent getting lost in the maze-like structure.

Treasures within the Underwater Temple

Despite the dangers lurking within, the Ocean Monument offers worthwhile rewards. At the center of the monument, you can find a treasure chamber containing eight blocks of gold, enclosed within a casing of dark prismarine.

In addition to this, the Ocean Monument provides a substantial amount of prismarine, sea lanterns, and sponges, which can be collected and used for various crafting recipes and construction projects.

Strategies for Conquering Underwater Temples

Successful exploration of an Underwater Temple requires careful planning and preparation. Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Equip water-related potions: Potions like Water Breathing and Night Vision can give you significant advantages underwater.

  • Use a door to create an air pocket: Placing a door will create an air pocket allowing you to breathe underwater.

  • Armor and weapons: A good set of armor and a weapon can make a significant difference in your exploration. An enchanted diamond sword and armor, preferably with the Aqua Affinity and Respiration enchantments, are recommended.


Exploring an Underwater Temple in Minecraft is an exhilarating adventure. It's a journey of intense battles, navigational challenges, and, of course, the promise of valuable treasures. By understanding the Ocean Monument's structure, its threats, the treasures, and strategies for exploration, you're now well-equipped to embark on this underwater journey. Remember, in the world of Minecraft, the brave and the prepared reap the rewards. So, ready your gear and plunge into the depths!

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